We can eliminate 90% of routine bidding workload in sub-contracting industry by using artificial intelligence and our proprietary algorithms. This works on both sides of the aisle. Large companies that use sub-contractors will save weeks by eliminating un-necessary RFQ processes. They can get quotes from sub-contractors even in minutes and simply place an order.

Sub-contractors avoid the manual work of calculating offers for complex RFQs. Navaia calculates the offer by using existing RFQs, existing quotes, plant data, material pricing and other relevant data. Our machine learning solution can calculate a correct price in more than 90% of the cases and usually in minutes.

How it works?

Navaia process
Navaia process

Navaia is a SaaS-solution and requires minimal setup work from our customers.

  1. The customer uploads old RFQs and related bids to SailAI service
  2. SailAI pre-processes the data and selects and configures the best machine learning algorithm.
  3. SailAI trains the model with customer data. The result is a machine learning model that can be used to predict production costs of the future RFQs.
  4. The customer-specific SaaS service goes live. Customer can upload new RFQs and gets production costs near instantly. The production costs can be exported to ERP system for final bid calculation.
  5. The customer SaaS service is constantly updated and upgraded and gets better over time.

How it integrates

Navaia integrates with leading ERP systems, industrial data sources and, if useful, customers own network. Our aim is to be as easy to use as possible.

Navaia team

Heikki Sarajärvi

Heikki Sarajärvi

Chairman, entrepreneur
Saila Syrjäsuo

Saila Syrjäsuo

managing director, entrepreneur
Jukka Kärkimaa

Jukka Kärkimaa

chief data scientist
New team member


Mikko Fiskaali, Stremet Oy
Seppo Heikura, board professional



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