Navaia improves industrial performance with AI

Navaia is at the forefront of developing innovative, AI-driven solutions to address complex challenges within the industrial sectors. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to streamline and automate the operations of our clients, resulting in significant cost reductions. Our initial focus revolves around streamlining industrial bidding processes and enhancing the identification of manufacturability issues from technical drawings. 

Introducing a novel business process to the industry, we present Design – See price – Order. Our primary objective is to bring agility to the operations of industrial players and their subcontractors, emphasizing transparent communication between designers and manufacturing. We strongly advocate for designers to have real-time visibility into the cost implications of their design solutions, eliminating the need to wait until the quotation process. 

In the realm of sheet metal and assembly industries, our automated bidding processes drastically reduce response times to proposals, sometimes by weeks, and cut down the time spent on proposal creation by up to 90%. Building on this, we are extending our innovative solutions to cater to the unique needs of industries such as machining, infrastructure design, and construction. 

We are launching an online service dedicated to validating the manufacturability of components outlined in technical drawings. Recognizing that design errors in these drawings can impede the manufacturing process, our service focuses initially on detecting common design errors in sheet metal components and promptly notifying users. This approach not only saves valuable time for mechanical designers and buyers but also provides invaluable insights into the impact of design choices on manufacturing costs. 

Navaia´s Mission:

Catalyst for business process transformation: Shifting from the traditionalRFQ – Quote – Order process to a more dynamic Design – See price – Order process. 

Enhancing efficiency in manufacturing: Enabling companies to commence production much faster through a streamlined order process. 

Knowledge-driven decision-making: Empowering companies with a comprehensive understanding of actual manufacturing costs. 

Accelerating innovation: Fostering closer collaboration among manufacturing industry players through shared Navaia services. 

Navaia’s Vision: 

Revolutionizing the bidding landscape: Empowering manufacturing industry players with the knowledge of actual costs, eliminating the need for traditional bidding processes. 

Design insight at the forefront: Providing designers with real-time visibility into the cost implications of their design solutions during the design phase. 

Eradicating design errors: Utilizing Navaia software to proactively identify and communicate design errors to users. 


Navaia’s SaaS platform automates the cost estimation process for bids. By inputting a request for proposal, users can leverage our AI-driven analysis to gain insights. For seamless integration, the service can be incorporated into the client’s ERP system, providing access to customer-specific information. 

Key steps in the process include: 

  • In-depth manufacturability check 
  • Comprehensive listing of manufacturing phases 
  • Accurate calculation of production costs 
  • Development of a production plan 

Post-analysis, Navaia users have the capability to promptly approve and send proposals to their customers. The service continuously learns from completed bids, enabling it to provide increasingly accurate cost estimates in future interactions. Rest assured, our service prioritizes security, ensuring that information from different clients is kept strictly confidential.